Content Warnings

All of my books are for 18+ and may contain triggering content for some readers. Please see each title below for more information:

Arrival (CotPK #1)

CNC, bondage (ropes, chains), nonconsensual body modification (branding), rough sex, degradation, dubcon, graphic language, captive/captivity, choking/breath play, submission, anal play, S&M, noncon, violence, murder

Awaken (CotPK #2)

Rough sex, primal play, DP, degradation, graphic language, choking/breath play, submission, anal play, S&M, light bondage, talk about childhood grooming & manipulation, violence, murder, discussion of minor characters' past rape

Ascend(CotPK #3)

Group sex, anal play, choking/breath play, submission, S&M, DP, DVP, graphic language, rough sex, violence, murder, and more TBD (will be updated before release)